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High Quality Designs for Everyone

Hi shoppers!
I'm Hanif, a professional designer working in Indonesia. Currently, I also have a day job in one of the largest media conglomerates in Indonesia, so I usually take care my Etsy shop after my working hours (usually at around 7PM-10PM and 4AM-6AM GMT+7, plus weekend).

My icon pack called 'Minimal iOS' started as a personal project after I knew that I could pernonalize my homescreen to my liking. So, I started to recreate some of the apps that I've used and shared mine in my personal social media account (instagram). Then, some of my friends asked how to get that and they even want to pay it, so I tried to sell it in person.

Seeing those potentials, I set up my shop first at Indonesian local marketplace and on gumroad, but it did not sell well until I found Etsy. After I listed my signature all color collections it got sold pretty fast and people started to like it, along the way I also separate the individual colors to the listing. I've also created my signature Neon pack that I actually also love and use in on my phone right now. Today, it's sold for more than 500 times and really made me happy that more and more people said that they love my works! Seeing that words always boost my mood and really make me so happy now :)

I planned to create more packs or open to any new themes reqested, but right now I'm pretty busy adding more glyph from the request because I promise to give extra additional icons for free! (But some of the customers insists to pay it so now I also open to any tip through my paypal account)

Also my works sometimes took longer because I have a quite standards for myself and want to keep maintain it no matter what, and thus my premise of "High Quality Designs for Everyone" I think amplify my purpose of creating this shop because now everyone can enjoy it together with me :)

Thank you from the deepest of my heart for supporting my works, it really means a lot to me🖤

Stay safe and much love,